Practivo  build apps for professional service businesses.

Practivo has a family of cloud based software products for 60+ different types of professional service practices including:

  • Financial Services (bank branches, financial planners, tax consultants, accountants)
  • Educational Institutions (schools, universities)
  • Legal Services
  • Allied Medical Practices
Management Consultant
  • IT Consultants and System Integrators
  • Agencies
  • Design Teams
  • Travel agents
  • Gyms and spas

Our smart appointment booking engine Appointiv launched in September 2016.

Appointiv provides professional service businesses the ability to book appointments through a simple to use scheduling interface that is high on functionality yet elegant in design.

It allows booking of single, multiple and class appointments including booking of physical resources like rooms and equipment.

It provides for customer waitlists, auto email reminders and calendar sync with google calendar among a number of other differentiated features.

Key features:

  1. Organize your whole teams booking and availability
  2. Allow customers to book from any page on your site by adding a booking button to the page
  3. A fully mobile ready app that is custom branded for your business with your logo and brand colors
  4. Unlimited appointments at no additional charge
  5. Support for multiple locations, multiple service providers and multiple appointment types
  6. Flexibility in scheduling by tracking open hours for each service provider
  7. Built inside Salesforce so you get all the security, privacy, performance and customization you expect.

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